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Winning Wednesday

June 24, 2015


Good Morning Everyone it's Winning Wednesday and the word of the day is "Purpose." Ask God what your purpose in life is so that you can fulfill it. Begin to walk in it, begin to own it and begin to claim it.


My purpose in life is to be a well known motivational speaker, a best selling author, continue acting, continue prospering as an entrepreneur and continue to build my talk show audience so that I can reach God's children through a mainstream network.
God is using me as his mouthpiece to influence his people which is an honor. Like I told you all in previous blogs many are called but only few are chosen. If God has chosen you to empower his people then you are EXTREMELY BLESSED because that is an honor to be one of his leaders. Don't worry about what others will say or think of you because they don't have the right to judge you. You are living to please God and to make yourself happy so focus on your PURPOSE!!! 
P: Prayer
U: Uplifts
R: Reactivation Through 
P: People Because It Creates
O: Optimistic Attitudes That Give You
S: Sources To Be 
E: Encouraged 
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