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LWOO Academy

Our Purpose

To educate the youth and young adults about the importance of having

self-confidence within themselves.

Our Mission

To teach the importance of having

self-confidence in your classroom, your career, your community and most importantly, within yourself. 

Core Values

Self-Confidence, Self-Respect,

Self-Commitment, Self-Belief,

Self-Honesty, Self-Care, Self-Trust

Having self-confidence within yourself will allow individuals to be better students in the classroom, better stewards in their communities and make better decisions when it comes to choosing a career path.

Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Social Media Etiquette, Communication Skills, Effective Writing & Business Skills are the main topics that are discussed at LWOO Academy, however, in order for students to understand the value of those subjects, they must first master being confident within themselves.

If the youth can exude self-confidence within themselves at school, in their community and within their careers, then not only will they walk away with life skills, but collectively we can help solve the problem of mental health amongst young people, social media comparisons, youth substance abuse, youth violence and understanding the power of your own self-confidence that lies within because YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Interested in volunteering with LWOO Academy? Click below to learn how to volunteer with us through LWOO Cares!

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