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July 1, 2015

Good Morning Everyone it's Tenacious Tuesday by LWOO!!!!!! Today's word of the day is "Focus." F stands for Focus, O stands for On, C stands for character, U stands for Utilize and S stands for Success. Once you put it all together it represents Focusing On Your Character So You Can Utilize Your Fullest Potential To Become Successful. I don't care what other people are doing and I don't care about glorifying celebrities. Glorify yourself and glori...

June 24, 2015

Good Morning Everyone it's Winning Wednesday and the word of the day is "Purpose." Ask God what your purpose in life is so that you can fulfill it. Begin to walk in it, begin to own it and begin to claim it.

My purpose in life is to be a well known motivational speaker, a best selling author, continue acting, continue prospering as an entrepreneur and continue to build my talk show audience so that I can reach God's children through a mainstream ne...

June 22, 2015

Good Morning Everyone it's Motivational Monday by LWOO!!! Today's word of the day is "Proud." Be proud about who you are, be proud about your accomplishments and be proud because you made a way out of no way even when people said you couldn't do it. Don't be boastful but be proud about where God has brought you from.
Also, be proud about what God has already done in your life. If no one else will be your cheerleader you should remember that God...

June 20, 2015

Good Morning Everyone it's Thankful Thursday by LWOO!!!!! Today's word of the day is "Blessed." IF you aren't starving, homeless or apart of human trafficking you are blessed. IF you woke up this morning you are blessed. IF you have another day to go after your dream you are blessed. IF someone loves you then you are blessed. A family that is close, great friends and a circle you can count on is hard to come by but if you have that you are blessed...

June 13, 2015

Good Morning Everyone it's Freestyle Friday by LWOO!!!! Today's Word Of The Day is "Reminiscence" so think back to that favortie song, favorite dance or moment when you were living, laughing and just loving everything about life. For me, it's my theme song I just made this year and I thank God for allowing me to be free and just be me!!
I love rapping, singing, dancing and acting. It allows me to live my life to the fullest and you should find s...

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